Security Contractors

Faithfully believes in generating a culture of preventive security that allows the development of social awareness, learning and willingness to change, committed to the personal and collective growth of its employees.


Technical Security Contractors was created with the purpose of offering security solutions to all types of companies and individuals, our team has more than 20 years of experience in the field, as well as highly trained technical personnel that work with all types of electronic security systems that will efficiently guarantee your investment and provide the security you need.


Facilities Safety Inspections

This includes all human, technical, logistical, organizational, administrative and logical resources that, harmoniously articulated, guarantee the minimum and tolerable levels of risk to the facility.

Security Officers

Officers with a good profile, expertise and knowledge in their work, allows us to offer qualified security officers that provide top quality service.

Use of Firearms

Guarantees learning and the safe use and handling of firearms

Executive Protection

A protection system that guarantees the safety of executives or business travelers that require a personalized service.

More Services

  • Executive Transport Service

  • Risk Management

  • Personal Third-Party Service

  • Personal Investigation

  • Security Studies


Alarm Systems

Un sistema de alarma es un elemento de seguridad pasiva. No evitan una situación anormal, pero sí son capaces de advertir de ella...

Monitoring by GPS

In most cases, location is determined by using GPS equipment and the transmission to the control site is through communication technologies

Access Control 

Refers to the mechanism that, based on the already authenticated identification, allows access to data or resources.

Electric Fences

An electrified fence works through electric shocks, with pulses of several thousand volts,

Closed Circuit TV

Surveillance technology designed to monitor a variety of environments and activities.

Access Barrier

An access control barrier allows the management of vehicles to a restricted area, such as parking garages, garages, companies or roads.



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